Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Changes are a huge part of life, some are good changes and some are not so good! As I get older I have found that some of the good changes like Chris, my boyfriend and I buying a house and moving our relationship forward. Cause some not so good changes, like my mom and I not being as close as we used to be. Don’t get me wrong we are still very close, but I really miss seeing her as often as I did when I lived there.

As I am getting older I am also seeing some of my friendships change and I am realizing how bad I am at coping with those changes. I am trying to find new ways to handle the changes and I have already started to see a difference when I don’t let them bother me as much. However, like missing my mom some changes will always affect me and I won’t be able to just brush them off.

How are you able to cope with the changes, good and bad?


  1. Change is so hard. I swear I used to be better at handling it but anymore I almost fall apart when dealing with change, which is terrible because I know it is just a part of life.

  2. I believe I have never seen it stated anywhere that change is easy... Dang, but it can be difficult!!

    You are maturing and that is why change becomes a bit easier as you learn more about prioritizing.

    About friendships; they should not be hard to manage or keep the fire lit! Again, as you will find that true friends (usually in your home!) and friendships will become easy to nurture.

    No matter how far you are from your Momma, she will always be there for you; even if it a simple email or cell phone call. Be sure to enjoy that daily!

  3. I'm awful when it comes to change! I can't even handle it!!