Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Changes are a huge part of life, some are good changes and some are not so good! As I get older I have found that some of the good changes like Chris, my boyfriend and I buying a house and moving our relationship forward. Cause some not so good changes, like my mom and I not being as close as we used to be. Don’t get me wrong we are still very close, but I really miss seeing her as often as I did when I lived there.

As I am getting older I am also seeing some of my friendships change and I am realizing how bad I am at coping with those changes. I am trying to find new ways to handle the changes and I have already started to see a difference when I don’t let them bother me as much. However, like missing my mom some changes will always affect me and I won’t be able to just brush them off.

How are you able to cope with the changes, good and bad?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have heard that the Daffodil is the first flower of Spring, and that it is a symbol of hope and renewal. This is a photo of our front flower bed with a whole bunch of gorgeous daffodils. I am not generally into gardening, however I was very excited to see these little guys blooming! Maybe this will bring about my green thumb! I am not quite sure when to plant what, but we do have a book that will probably come in handy with all of that!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

With the new year quickly passing by there were a few new things I wanted to do this year. One of them was starting a blog. I enjoy following a few of my friends' blogs and am ready for my own. I have lots to say and lots to share, so I invite you to follow along on this wonderful journey called life! Hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine's Day with the ones they love!